Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup - USA v. Slovenia

You know, things are pretty bad when I think I could have refereed a better game than the guy who was hired to do the job. And all the commentary about this a-hole's terrible call is simultaneously fun and heartwrenching to watch, so I suggest you tune in and/or read about it online. Good stuff.

But, rather than focus on the glaring horror that was the idiotic call on Edu's goal, I'd like to focus on two moments that definitely qualify as FREAKIN' AWESOME.

1. Landon Donovan's goal:

I have been praying for Landy to get a goal this World Cup. He's earned it. He's worked so hard for American soccer, so he deserved it on an emotional level. But, more importantly, he deserved it based on skill. Donovan is a brilliant player and he is partially responsible for most goals the US gets. So it was really nice to see him score a goal, not just set one up. (Not that he doesn't get many goals; he's the US's lead goal scorer for the national team, if you didn't know.) And that goal! Holy crap! Gorgeous.

2. Michael Bradley's goal: (What else would it be? Come on.)

Beautiful on many levels. The US almost never comes back when they're getting beat, so this second comeback goal was amazing. Also, Bradley is the coach's son (Coach Bob Bradley), so that connection was nice. When he scored, I was up jumping around, freaking out, and then I had a total emotional reaction and started crying. It was great! Crying over sports when it's a happy cry is awesome.

So, after a run to Target because I needed a couple of things and also (well, okay, mainly) because I wanted to run around town in my Landon Donovan jersey, we settled in to watch the England v. Algeria game. And it was a tie! Amazing! So, call it Freaky Friday or whatever you want, but the US is not out of the World Cup running by a long shot.

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