Thursday, July 8, 2010

SYTYCD Emmy Nominations 2010

Ah, the Emmy Awards. I think I enjoy them more than the Oscars. They're more laid back, the fashion is usually more fun, the stars are drinking more, and I usually have much stronger opinions about who or what should win. This year, happily, "Lost" got a lot of nominations, as did "Friday Night Lights," another of my favorites. "Modern Family" also got several nominations; what a fantastic show! I love it. For the full list of nominations, click here. 

Of course, "So You Think You Can Dance" got several nominations in Choreography for this year's Emmy Awards. I'm not at all surprised about Mia Michaels' Addiction piece (danced to "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles) making the list this year. It's an amazing piece and I can watch it over and over, and have done so ever since last year! It's great. The other nominations are Mia Michaels again for her group routine to "One" from "A Chorus Line" and again for her "Koop Island Blues" piece, plus a nomination for Stacey Tookey for "Fear." Videos of all four dances are below.

I am a little surprised (and disappointed!) that Tyce Diorio's "This Woman's Work" piece wasn't nominated. I'm going to put the video for it below the nominated ones. It's definitely worth watching. He was inspired by a friend of his who had breast cancer. When the dance was performed a second time at the end of the season, he was able to announce that his friend was in remission. It's really lovely, so watch it, too. Enjoy!

"Addiction/Gravity" - Mia Michaels

"One" - Mia Michaels

"Koop Island Blues" - Mia Michaels

"Fear" - Stacey Tookey

"This Woman's Work" - Tyce Diorio

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