Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fall Fashion 2010

Even though it's approximately 162 degrees outside, it's time for fall fashion! The fall fashion season has always been my favorite. Maybe it's my love of the season itself, but I always like fall clothing the best. This year, I particularly like some of the trends and I'm happy to report that many of them aren't so new or trendy. This fall, there's a nice return to classic wardrobe staples (like tweed! I love tweed.) but there are also some rather quirky ideas floating around on the runways, as well. From the cool of my air conditioned house, I give you my take on some of the biggest projected trends for Fall 2010.


That's camel the color, not camel the animal. This is a gorgeous, classic neutral that works with everything. I love the combination of camel with gray and I also love it with deep reds and plums. (Plum is another huge color this season.) A few of my favorite camel pieces:

This Michael Kors skirt ($1,395) is gorgeous, but who can afford that? Not me.  For a better budget pick, though, skirts like this, in varying lengths, should be easy to find at better-priced places like Ann Taylor Loft or H&M. My camel skirt from a few seasons ago (It's a classic, so I will never get rid of it.) was a lovely wool and cashmere piece from J. Crew.

To the right is a must-have for every woman (and man, really). The classic trench coat. This will NEVER, EVER, EVER go out of style and it's a classic silhouette that flatters every figure. This one is in camel from J. Crew in wool and cashmere. J. Crew has also brought back their Icon Trench in cotton, for a less expensive and more lightweight classic. You can't go wrong with either trench. If you aren't ready to invest in a lifetime trench yet, try a less expensive version at places like Target. I got a trench there last year for about $35. These aren't meant to last for years, of course, but they'll get you through until you have that big girl job and can buy something that will last the rest of your stylish life!

 Camel can be brought in from pretty much every area of apparel. The sweater here is a perfect, timeless fall staple. I've seen camel in boots, flats, pumps, dresses, coats, and everything else. Camel accessories are also a great way to add a fall color palette to season transitional pieces.

Fur + Leather

This is not my favorite fall trend. The combination of leather and fur was widespread on the fall runways, but I'm having a hard time seeing how most women are going to translate this to real life. The solution seems to lie in accessories. Are most of us going in to the office or out to dinner in leather pants and a fur coat? Of course not. But it is completely feasible that you might throw in a bit of the trend here and there, with a subtle fur trimmed bag or a leather jacket (another thing that pretty much always stays in style.) While the ensemble to the left probably isn't for you, here are a couple of ways to incorporate these trends if you like them:

A great leather jacket (leather blazers are also awesome)
Leather bag or leather boots
Fur (or faux fur, of course) scarf or wrap
Fur trim on any leather accessory (This could get ugly quickly, so proceed with caution!)


Oh, tweed, how I love you! I adore tweed and, though I wear it every fall, I'm pleased to see its stylish
potential really being fulfilled this season with a big crop of tweed clothing that goes beyond the standard blazer or suiting skirt. I'll be breaking out some of my current pieces, as well as purchasing some new ones, I'm sure. Among my current favorites is a tweed fitted jacket with suede elbow patches in a camel/espresso tweed. I also have a green tweed pencil skirt that I'm dying to get back into for the season. Here are some new things I've seen that are great, but still classic, way to incorporate tweed into your fall wardrobe.

I love these tweed flats. They have a great color palette, with a little teal and gold thrown into the subtle pattern, which will add some great interest to any outfit. Tweed can usually be used as a neutral, so don't worry about trying to pair these with an outfit of the same colors. Like Stacy London always says, it doesn't need to match; it just need to GO.

This jacket is my dream tweed blazer for this fall. Another piece from J. Crew (I am not usually such a huge J. Crew fan, I swear, but their fall collection is so gorgeous!), this is Harris tweed at $595, but I think it's worth the investment. You could seriously wear this for decades. The fit is impeccable and the quality of the Harris tweed will keep it from looking old for a very long time. (And how fierce does it look with that sequined skirt? I'm in love.)

Other places I've seen, and loved, tweed so far this season:
Bags! I must have a tweed bag. But DON'T carry your tweed bag when you're wearing tweed. That's too much. Also, be careful that you don't get a tweed bag with too much embellishment. The tweed speaks for itself, so go easy on the hardware.
Shoes: There are the flats above, but I've also seen some tweed-trimmed above the knee boots that are pretty fab.
Hair accessories: Tweed headbands run the risk of looking Catholic school girl, but done well with the right chic look in the clothing, it's a very nice fall look.

Gray on Gray

The big colors for fall, as I've already mentioned, are camel and plums and purples. All gray ensembles are also out there, though, and I must say, this is one trend for fall I'm really looking forward to. I adore gray and love some of the looks I've seen. The key here is not to wear a bunch of clothes that are the exact same color. You want to find some grays that vary in shade and texture. Texture is really important here! You might wear dark gray courdroy pants with a lighter heather gray sweater or tunic, then add a pair of gray pumps. (Note: I have somehow lost all my great photos of gray on gray in all its beauty. I will add them as soon as I find them!) Another thing to note about this trend: gray is the fingernail polish color for fall 2010. It's similar to this spring's putty color, but a little lighter with less brown.


What fashion post from me would be complete without a shoe update? For the coming fall, shoes are going to be really similar last fall, actually. The oxford will make a comeback, but this time around it should be bigger than it was last year. Here's the pair I have my eye on, for $59.95 at DSW:

If you want a cute (albeit disposable after one season, I'm sure) alternative that is really inexpensive, check these out from Target. Adorable and only $19.99. I think I'll pick up a pair of these as well, in the brown:
As always, fall is boot season. This year, the trend of over the knee boots continues, as well as the trend for flat or low-heeled riding boots and boots with western inspiration. I like these, also from DSW at $149.95, in distressed brown-gray leather, that encompass the best of a riding boot and a western boot. (These will be arriving on my doorstep soon!)
The other big shoe trend this season is the bootie. These made an appearance last fall, but they are coming back with a vengeance this year. Booties are everywhere! I'm sure lots of people will want to buy them and keep up with this trend, so here are some things to keep in mind. Don't wear your booties with skinny jeans unless you can carry that trend with your body type (and the body type for that is very slim). Otherwise, it'll just make your upper half and midsection look wider. Also, don't tuck your pants into your booties unless they are jeggings or very skinny jeans. A denim balloon coming out of your shoe is not attractive.

Final Notes on Fall Fashion

Jeggings are back! That's right, I said jeggings. Jeans that are leggings. Please be careful with this one. While it can be absolutely adorable, with a tunic and high boots, for example, it can also be horrific. Don't pair jeggings with tight fitting tops or anything that could be called cropped. Keep it balanced! If you're on the biggger side, jeggings can make you look bigger than you actually are. Make sure this style is good for your body type before you pick up a pair of jeggings.

Fair Isle sweaters made an appearance on the fall runways this season. These can either be pretty or hideous. Use your own judgment and remember that you should never sacrifice fit for a trend. These sweaters can get really bulky and shapeless, so try to steer away from ones that render you shapeless.

Ever the trendsetter in nail color, Chanel has released two great fall colors, seen here:

Paradoxal, on the left
and Jade Rose, on the right

There are a few more trends I'd like to mention, so keep looking for a Fall Fashion 2010 Part II!

For parting words today, please remember: UGGs are HIDEOUS. I don't care if they're comfortable. You know what else is comfortable? Those gorgeous tweed flats I showed you! Throw the UGGs away. That's the best fall fashion advice I can give, probably: Don't wear UGGs.


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